“Why I Do My Homework” poetry & photography by Michael Lee ’15

Taipai Food Stall by Michael Lee

“Taipei Frozen Dessert Shop” by Michael Lee ’15

This poem by Michael Lee15 won the New Jersey Council of Teachers of English 2015 Bronze Medal for Poetry and was performed at an award ceremony in Scotch Plains, NJ on April 23, 2015. Michael will be invited to read his work at the 2016 Dodge Poetry Festival. He wrote this poem on an early morning train back from NYC to New Jersey. The photograph was taken during a trip to Taiwan.

“Why I Do My Homework” by Michael Lee (after “Why I Write Poetry” by Major Jackson, with a nod to the song “All You Can Do” by George Watsky)

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.14.23 PM



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