“Waste” a 16mm Film Exploration by Greta Skagerlind ’14

This 90 second film was created by alumnus Greta Skagerlind ’14 as the final project for her Film Explorations Winter Session course at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she is a sophomore. Shot on a 16mm Bolex camera and edited on a Steenbeck machine, the film explores concepts of waste (mostly food), produced by people, and how we often consume to an excessive degree. Greta says the post-production manual editing was rushed by snow days and she hopes to re-shoot the film one day in digital, though the old Bolex camera was fun! Music by Maurice Ravel.

You can find more of Greta’s visual art at Portfolios.risd.edu/gretaskagerlind  (mostly school) and  www.gskagerlind.com (school and side work).

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One Response to “Waste” a 16mm Film Exploration by Greta Skagerlind ’14

  1. amahoney says:

    Ha ha! A fun homage to old-fashioned techniques with attention to a contemporary problem, though in truth “waste” is hardly a new concern. I like the eyes, which remind me of the opening to the famous avante-guarde film in which a close-up eye gets sliced open, the noir-y cigarette & the scary black bile.

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