“Christian in a Masjid” a poem by Amani Garvin ’15

By Milada Vigerova www.unsplash.com

By Milada Vigerova

The following poem by Amani Garvin ’15 was published in the national print magazine Cicada in June 2014. Amani currently attends Columbia University.





Christian in a Masjid

The green carpet of the Masjid,
The smell of wooden Church pews,
Open hands receiving blessings,
Steepled fingers towards Heaven,
Grandma’s olive green Hijab- holding her thin hair.
Aunt Esther’s cream Sunday morning church hat.

I have fallen into two different types of love,
and they create conflict
within and out of my heart.

At night I pray, to God and Allah,
because there must be
a place where they both reside
hand in hand like brothers.

I must live through this life
to find the one beyond
where I can be at peace.

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