Food Photography Challenge

The following images, a sample of those currently on display in the Newark Academy dining hall, were taken by Upper School Digital Photography students in response to two challenges, described below, crafted by Photography and Digital Arts teacher James Worrell. Enjoy a full digital album of the photos by clicking the links below.

The Edward Weston Challenge

Edward Weston, (March 24, 1886 – January 1, 1958) is considered one of the most innovative and influential 20th century American photographers. In 1937 he was the first photographer to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship, and over the next two years he produced nearly 1,400 negatives using us 8×10 view camera. A first edition of one of his iconic images, “Pepper #30,” sold at Sotheby’s for $341,000 in 2014. Mr. Worrell’s challenge to his students was to make a hero out of fruit and vegetables, to take them out of context and elicit emotion. He encouraged his students to transform the ordinary into something spectacular and meaningful. See the evocative results here.

roshan idnani

by Roshan Idnani

Narrative Photography Challenge

The second challenge was to use multiple images (5 to 10) to tell a story. Students picked a recipe, photographed the steps, and put the finished images into an online Adobe Spark Page layout. Food is a theme that unites all people, a source of joy that brings families together. Enjoy more of these photographs here, and feel free to try out the recipes!

Ben Tolpa

by Ben Tolpa

James Worrell’s new challenge for these talented Digital Photography students is to  put multiple images together in a slideshow/video with music to illustrate a day in their lives. Stay tuned!

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