Ceramics by Phillip Kim

These masterful ceramic pieces by Phillip Kim ’20 lit up the Newark Academy David Teiger Art Gallery in Spring 2018.

“The vessels shown are ones I made with the intention of creating a more toned down and minimalist aesthetic, where I usually just like to use subdued colors and more simple shapes. The medium which I have been working with is porcelain clay, which is a type of clay that has a really nice off-white color when fired, which is why I’ve been using it to fit with my theme of quieter colors. The bowl and the larger piece/vase were both made by the potters wheel, and they were both glazed by using a low fire clear glaze, which is supposed to be translucent and brings out the natural color of the clay body when fired. In addition to the clear glaze, I used an underglaze pencil (used underneath the clear glaze) on the bowl to create the lines seen on the underside of the bowl.” ~ Phillip Kim ’20 Phillip Kim

Phillip Kim

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