Jamie Paradis Published by Apprentice Writer

Apprentice Writer Jamie Paradis

Poetry by Jamie Paradis ’20 was selected by judges of Susquehanna University’s 37th Annual High School Writing Contest for publication in the Fall 2019 Vol. 37 edition of the Apprentice Writer, a print and online magazine. This year the contest received submissions from nearly 20 countries.

“You used to make me breakfast”

My mind traps
your words on a
gilded leash
Song stuck in
my head,
Left ear tilted after
I step out of salty low tide,
Won’t stop.
Louder than the hum
of radiators we’ve
grown used to
but say it’s
quiet despite the
Once you poured
pancake batter into
a waffle machine,
Sliced strawberries
on top of a rose gold
plate you
handed me.
You smile.
I work in a shoe store
now, but never go
for walks
Once we walked
to the laundromat
And you said to me, “we’re still
not telling people about us”
Secrets are fun
We decided
You decided

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