Chocolate Poetry Competition Winners

On February 24th, Newark Academy celebrated its annual Chocolate Day. Among the Chocolate Day festivities was a chocolate poetry competition. Andrew Zabelo ’21 won first place, with Oliver Adelson ’21 in second! The two winners received large chocolate prizes as a reward for their poetic triumphs!

The Cocoa Curtain

Andrew Zabelo

Chocolate trouble was a’brew

Of cocoa countries, existed two

Whose mights were strong and flavors grew

The Milks and Darks, spread lies untrue

“Milk is best, and Dark is plain”

Or “Dark has zest, and Milk is pain”

Tensions mounting, enemies slain

Their doctrines’ efforts were in vain

Cocoa police patrolled the streets

Opposing recipes fiercely beat

Confections recalled when peace was sweet

While both world powers embraced deceit

Then came a day in ‘89

When Milks and Darks erased the line

East and West, so long confined

Rejoiced, as their sweet city recombined

Ode to Chocolate

Oliver Adelson

O Chocolate and its everlasting bliss!

I sing of kit kats, hersheys, and the rest.

T’consume’s to feel consumèd by the best.

And oh, how I would be all too remiss

If I did not give praise to many Swiss

And Belgian Chocolates I admire, lest

There should exist a soul that could contest

There’re too few types to fill life’s vast abyss.

Although ‘tis true my heart will always beat

For chocolate, it may cause the beat to cease.

But nonetheless, I shall pursue the treat

And act on each desire, be it caprice,

Or love, or the result of great deceit.

May this delight go on and not surcease!

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