Senior Intern Spotlight: Silvy Zhou ’21

In 2018, the WAM blog introduced the intern position in an effort to expand the blog and cultivate more student involvement. Senior Silvy Zhou took on this role from the beginning and, for the past 3 years, has curated posts and enriched the NA writing, arts, and music communities through her work on the blog. Silvy has been instrumental in running WAM, photographing full galleries of works and creating some of the blog’s most detailed posts. She is also funny; her creation of the term “instag-WAM” and advocacy for the “WAM ram” as our official mascot are both examples of the many ways that her sharp wit and joyful spirit intersect. Silvy’s commitment to the arts and to helping others is so clear to everyone with the privilege of working with her and her contributions to the team have been vast and impressive. We will miss her!

[left to right]: Stella Gilbert ’22, Alison Bader ’20, Jamie Paradis ’20, Silvy Zhou ’21

Here are a few of Silvy’s own works on the blog:

Animation—April 5, 2017

Sustainability DIY: Recycled Paper—December 17, 2019

And here are some key posts that Silvy has curated in her time as a WAM intern:

“The Laramie Project” Fall Drama 2018—November 1, 2018

Patio Pride—November 19, 2019

2020 Community Art Show—February 18, 2020

“She Kills Monsters” Fall Drama 2020—November 5, 2020

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