Chinese Mythology Illustrations by Mandarin C Class

Middle school students in Ms. Luo’s Mandarin C class read myths and chose scenes to illustrate. Ms. Luo explains:

“It’s the story behind Mid Autumn Day Festival. One is ‘Houyi who Shot the Sun’ and one is ‘Chang e Flying to the Moon.’ Houyi and Chang e are husband and wife. Once upon a time, there were 10 suns in the sky that made people miserable. Houyi shot down 9 and became a hero. He was rewarded two heavenly medicines by the Jade emperor from heaven. Taking one can make him young and healthy forever, taking two will make him a god. He was going to share with his wife, but his wife got greedy and ate two. Although she became a goddess, the Jade emperor punished her by making her the goddess of the moon palace, where she lives alone forever.”

Gina Shreier ’26
Olivia Dai ’26
Reagan Edwards ’26

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