Green Committee Film by Aidan Fox ’16 & Matt Thekkethala ’15

This video, created by Aidan Fox ’16 and Matt Thekkethala15 and shown at Morning Meeting on April 20, 2015, pins Matt against the principal of Kushner Academy, (played by Aditya Srivatsan ’15),  and his own inimitable psyche.

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2 Responses to Green Committee Film by Aidan Fox ’16 & Matt Thekkethala ’15

  1. amahoney says:

    Both stunning & hilarious at the same time. The visual motifs (train tracks are my fav) knock my socks off. I hope you guys SEND this film somewhere in addition to gracing the NA student body with it.

  2. amahoney says:

    I used this video as instruction in 9th grade classes which are all collaboratively creating scripts & then films involving 3 characters from the year’s studied works. We reflected on editing approaches that they might imitate as they headed into their final days of editing the film.

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