“Unembellished We” a poem by Mollie Wohlforth ’15

LucasMorphomenelausThe following poem by Mollie Wohlforth ’15 was published in Polyphony H.S. Her work has also been published by Canvas Literary Magazine and BRICKrhetoric Literary & Visual Arts Journal. She was co-editor-in-chief of NA’s literary magazine, Prisms.


Unembellished We

We stand with no secrets
for we have trapped them
in Mason Jars with holes
gouged in the lid.
Secrets hum syllables
but our ravenous teeth
swat them down from the sky.
Effigy the broken kingdoms,
the broken bones, the broken promises.
Balm it all
Find mica flakes glinting gray
inside your callouses.
Balm them too.
We passive, but the good kind.
We aggressive, but the good kind.
A cicatrix
will someday uncocoon
and we will be more butterfly
than human.
Uncrating joyfully,
we human with our
wings touching.
radiant botany
stands unembellished.
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