“Yellow Starbursts” by Danielle Sidi ’14

starburst_The following contribution to WAM! is from alumnus Danielle Sidi, who currently studies at Emory University. Another of her poems, entitled “The City” (written in response to Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “The Map”) was published on Poets.org and can be found here. Dani’s experience in NA’s Creative Writing Workshop inspired her to take a creative writing class at Emory. Go Dani!


Yellow Starbursts
I like the yellow starbursts and
Taking a sip of pickle juice.
I pick the tomato chunks out of the marinara
And I’m not a fan of bacon.
If I had a choice between salad and vanilla ice cream
I’d go green.
I know what I want.

I hate the licorice flavored jelly beans
And the cherry flavored lollipops
Carrots are only edible when cooked and cut into small pieces mixed into my lentil soup
And I don’t like honey or sugar in my tea
Or made with my cereal
Because things that taste bitter or plain were meant to taste that way.

I don’t mind adding a little pepper to my eggs
I am successful with breakfast when the yoke doesn’t break until I stab it open.
But if it manages to spill out onto the pan and sizzle into a flat hard yellow,
Well, I’d eat the pink starburst just out of spite.

Because I’m the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants
But doesn’t know how to say it

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