Concert Choir Participates in “A Voice 4 Peace”

A Voice 4 Peace

aVoice4Peace“Newark Academy’s Concert Choir participated in the #AVoice4Peace global initiative to connect choirs from around the world to sing ‘Ukuthula,’ a South African peace hymn for the 2016 United Nations International Day of Peace. We are very humbled to be a part of such a necessary and meaningful initiative. Sing for love. Sing for peace. Sing for change. Grateful to my professor at Florida State University, Kevin Fenton for his vision and his heartfelt efforts to bring upon change.”

~ Viraj Lal, Newark Academy Choral Director

The performance was directed by Viraj Lal and led by singer Melody Xiao ’18. “AVoice4Peace” is an initiative created by Bud Simpson and Kevin Fenton to spread peace through music. See the video below for a fuller description of this powerful and moving initiative.

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