3D Printing & Technical Drawing June Term Class

3D Printing & Technical Drawing is one of many June Term intensive learning courses offered to Newark Academy students in grades 9-11 during the two weeks following Memorial Day. A June Term course does more than simply inform students; it involves them from start to finish. Through hands-on experiences, students grapple with challenging ideas, make connections between concepts and reality, make mistakes, and learn from them. Many courses involve field trips and guest speakers. All June Term courses result in a distinctive final product or project, allowing students to synthesize what they have learned and to put it into practice.

The 3D Printing & Technical Drawing course, taught by Physics teacher Drew Kesler, focuses on using SketchUp and OpenSCAD on laptops to produce three-dimensional models suitable for printing. The drawings below were created by student Matthew Lim and Mr. Kesler. The course is a series of guided practice lessons, nightly homework assignments, independent projects, small group projects, and includes a field trip to the “Grounds for Sculpture” indoor/outdoor museum in Hamilton, New Jersey.

3-D Printing

by Matthew Lim ’17

3-D Printing

by Drew Kesler

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