Jamie Paradis Published in Blue Marble Review

Jamie Paradis Blue Marble Review

A Tree Poem” by junior Jamie Paradis ’20 was published in the March 2019 Volume 13 issue of the Blue Marble Review, a quarterly online literary journal showcasing the creative work of young writers ages 13-21. In addition, Jamie recently earned a Scholastic Silver Key for a poetry collection written at the Juniper Institute for Young Writers. Congratulations, Jamie!

“a tree poem”

Rough gray bark, the
skin of branches that reach
far, dip towards
the ground
Long leaves graze
my shins
I’m on my back
in the grass
watching the
blanket of gray, blue, green
with holes where
sky pokes through.
I never do this.

In 4th grade
the day I got
glasses I looked
at a tree
in my front yard.
I could see each
leaf and showed
my mom my
discovery. I wanted
to share with
the world,
give my glasses
to everyone.

I’ve been laying here
awhile when I decide
on the house in
the good school district
with a juniper in
the backyard

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