Community Art Show 2020

Enjoy these selected works from NA’s annual community art exhibit. This year’s theme was “Figuratively Speaking.”

Untitled by Kennedy Smith ’21
“Reloj” by Felipe A. Ledezma – Faculty
“Figures 17” by Zoe Fleysher ’22
“Figure Study” by Silvy Zhou ’21
“Find Us” by Silvy Zhou ’21
“Serotiny” by Tess Kesler ’22
“Tom” by Wyatt Shiff ’22
“The People Around Me” by Jamie Paradis ’20
“Strings of Fate” by Kylie Bill ’21
“Goalie” by Cassidy Wong ’22
Untitled by Alex Dang ’26
Untitled by Alex Dang ’26
“Victory” by Lauren Freed ’22
“America’s Trojan Horse” by Jay Torson – Faculty
“The Painted Lady” by Aimee Sze ’21
“The Doil Dancer” by Veera Jetly ’25
“Don’t Dim the Light on Our Future” by Kaya Patel ’22
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