Artwork by Sheila Vazir

This beautiful artwork by Sheila Vazir ’16 was created for IB Visual Art and exhibited in the Newark Academy McGraw Gallery in April 2016. Enjoy this lovely work.

"Rebirth" by Sheila Vazir '16

“Rebirth” by Sheila Vazir ’16 (Watercolor)

“In this piece and in general, the lotus often emerges from a clouded pond as a rejuvenating symbol. I hoped to convey this sense of revival by painting the lotus white against a grey pond. I also contrasted my two cultures by portraying the Indian flower against the leaves with Celtic knotting.”

Sheila Vazir "Withering Away" by Sheila Vazir (Watercolor)

“Withering Away” by Sheila Vazir (Watercolor)

“This watercolor piece conveys sunflowers toward the end of their lives. I have used flowers as a motif throughout my pieces and this specifically juxtaposes my piece ‘Rebirth’ so as to create a sense of balance.”

"Royal Peacock" by Sheila Vazir

“Royal Peacock” by Sheila Vazir (Watercolor, colored pencil and collage)

“The national bird of India, which represents spirituality, inspired this piece. I wanted to incorporate a part of my heritage that is also aesthetically pleasing and symbolic.”

Nataraja by Sheila Vazir '16

“Nataraja” by Sheila Vazir ’16 (Graphite, Sharpie and Photoshop)

“Inspired by the Hindu God Nataraja (Shiva), I created six hands as the god has covered with Mehndi. I hoped to convey through the patterning the importance of Indian tradition. The Mehndi has been used for centuries and is still used for weddings and other celebrations to this day.” ~ Sheila Vazir

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