IB/Advanced Art Exhibit

A Fall 2018 exhibition of Upper School Art in the David Teiger ’47 Gallery, curated by Arts Head Elaine Brodie, displayed a rich variety of genre and subject matter. The arts, in all their forms, are an important part of the Newark Academy experience. They offer students a way to connect with others and build community. In creating their own work and discussing the works of others, students cultivate emotional intelligence and self-expression while taking healthy risks, such as sharing their work in a show like this one.

The below sampling from the exhibition includes artists Quinn Butler, Sophie Chang, Rebecca Dunayev, Rachel Glickman, Danning Hu, Maya Kannan, Phillip Kim, Sophie Licoste, Neha Maddali, Julie Marcano, Rhea Mishra, Justine Seo, Sanjana Sridhar,  Madison Verrone, Joyce Wang, Lillian Wu and Melisa Yaman. Enjoy these wonderful creations.

Rebecca Dunayev ’19 Paper on Masonite

Sophie Licoste ’19
Watercolor on Paper

Sophie Chang ’20
Photography and Pen on Paper

Phillip Kim ’20
Pen on Paper

Quinn Butler ’19

Sanjana Sridhar ’19
Watercolor on Paper

Rhea Mishra ’20
Acrylic on Canvas

Rachel Glickman ’20
“Wadi Rum”
Oil on Pastel

Neha Maddali ’19
Digital Painting and Gold Leaf

Melisa Yaman ’19
Oil on Wood

Maya Kannan ’19
Oil o Canvas

Madison Verrone ’20
Oil Pastel

Lillian Wu ’20
Oil on Canvas

Justine Seo ’19
“Class Doodle”
Gouache on Paper

Julie Marcano ’20

Joyce Wang ’20 “Reorganizing”
Pen and Colored Pencil

Jessica Zheng ’20
Watercolor and Gems on Paper

Danning Hu ’20
Acrylic on Canvas

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