Call for applications: WAM needs new interns!

Linoleum print “Starlight” on recycled paper by Silvy Zhou ’21

The Writing, Art & Music blog, affectionately known as WAM, is a forum for NA students, staff, faculty, and alumni to share creative work and support one another. WAM offers a noncompetitive, judgment-free place to enjoy each other’s artistic adventures, from first drafts to award-winning work. To date, posts include drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, films, short stories, poems, memoirs, letters to the editor, op-eds, theatrical and literary performances, instrumental and vocal music, DIY tutorials, and more. The in-house blog typically publishes two posts per week, while the public blog usually features one.

Poetry by Ava Sharahy

WAM interns scout out NA’s hidden artistic talents, conduct interviews, write blog posts, encourage members of the NA community to submit, and occasionally contribute their own creative work. They also manage the blog’s Instagram and email accounts, create monitor ads, edit an annual WAM highlights reel, and gain skills in using WordPress to publish the blog and Asana to manage tasks. Opportunities may also be available to create content for the creative writing blog. Interns are expected to attend a weekly half-hour meeting and spend an additional hour per week on WAM-related tasks. Feel free to reach out to any of the current interns (Jamie Paradis, Alison Bader, Silvy Zhou and Stella Gilbert) with questions.

Still from stop-motion animation “Look at Me” by Jack Snyder ’19

There are two openings for WAM interns next year. Students currently in grades 8–11 are invited to apply. If you are interested in applying, please answer the following questions and email your application to Flannery James by 11:59PM on Sunday, March 29, 2020. Decisions will be announced in mid-April. New interns are expected to attend WAM meetings beginning in May and continuing throughout the 2020–2021 school year.

  1. Describe your prior experience/interactions, if any, with WAM. Why do you want to join WAM? (150 words max)
  2. Propose a potential WAM post. It could be about any creative project, event, or piece of art that you’ve encountered recently at NA—think art exhibits, plays, class assignments, dance recitals, etc. Or it could be something smaller—an interesting doodle by a classmate, a poem read at a coffeehouse. Whatever you choose, write a short description of the creative work, followed by a short explanation of why you believe this piece would be a good fit for WAM. (150 words max)

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