Senior Interns Spotlight: Alison Bader ’20 and Jamie Paradis ’20

In 2018, the WAM blog welcomed four student interns to work as a part of the team, helping to curate blog posts and organize outreach to the NA community. Senior Alison Bader ’20 has since then been a valuable contributor to the blog. She is a key contributor to helping the blog run, from photographing artwork to writing blog posts and soliciting submissions. Always bringing her radiant energy to the interns’ meetings with stories and anecdotes about her day, we will miss her greatly. Not only is she a contributor to the behind-the-scenes of WAM, but she is also an avid artist and writer herself! Here are some of her past works on WAM.

Jamie Paradis ’20 joined the WAM blog halfway through the 2018-2019 school year, after having already been involved with WAM through her submissions and her help with morning meeting announcements. Jamie has been an inspiration to us on the team, from her work ethic to her passion for environmental sustainability and the arts. On the blog, she has helped put together posts, connect with the NA community, and has done much of the hard work putting together our fall morning meeting montage. Also a writer, poet, and artist herself, here are some of her past works on WAM.

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