2021 Scholastic Writing Awards—Regional Winners

Congratulations to the 22 Newark Academy student who won a total of 28 Scholastic Writing Awards! Gold Key winners Drew France ’22, Annika Inampudi ’21, Sammy Lederman ’22, Olivia Palker ’24, Kaya Patel ’22, and Lily Sternlieb ’24 will go on to be judged at the national level. See the full list of regional winners below:

Alana Akiwumi ’22

Honorable Mention, Critical Essay: “America’s Journey with Marijuana Policy”

Justin Baker ’24

Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir: “As Any Mother Would”

Molly Breckman ’23

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Milton and Sam”

Lola Cantillon ’23

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Clean Your Lens”

Marina Chernin ’23

Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir: “Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles”

Shayne Cleeve ’24

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Their Masterpiece”

Andrew Deng ’24

Silver Key, Science Fiction & Fantasy: “Virus: The Rebirth”

Drew France ’22

Gold Key, Critical Essay: “The Pantry Paradox: Food Insecurity as a Threat to the Meaning of American Citizenship”

Stella Gilbert ’22

Silver Key, Critical Essay: “The Myth of Meritocracy: How America’s educational system keeps the poor from their right to mobility”

Annika Inampudi ’21

Gold Key, Short Story: “Lifecycle of a God”

Honorable Mention, Novel Writing: “The End Of The World, As It Should Be”

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Idol Talk”

Kieri Keys ’24

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Him or Me”

Maya Lily Knoller ’22

Honorable Mention, Critical Essay: “The Inadequacy of the American Education System”

Elena Koestel Santamaria ’23

Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir: “We Live Through the Dark”

Melanie Kramarchuk ’22

Silver Key, Critical Essay: “Citizenship and Environmentalism: A Transforming Dynamic”

Sammy Lederman ’22

Gold Key, Critical Essay: “A History of Broken Promises; Puerto Rico and the United States”

Olivia Palker ’24

Gold Key, Short Story: “How to Memorize Touch”

Silver Key, Science Fiction & Fantasy: “Nightmare”

Kaya Patel ’22

Gold Key, Critical Essay: “Nativism: America’s Culture of Intolerance through Media”

Lauren Siegel ’23

Honorable Mention, Short Story: “Strangled”

Lily Sternlieb ’24

Gold Key, Personal Essay & Memoir: “Pandemic Puppies”

Silver Key, Personal Essay & Memoir: “My Grandfather’s Garden”

Emily Swope ’22

Silver Key, Critical Essay: “The Gender Wage Gap: A Quantitative Measure of Citizenship”

Michaela Wang ’21

Silver Key, Humor: “The Narrative of a Classroom Crush”

Honorable Mention, Humor: “How Chinese Soap Operas Taught Me To Love My Culture”

Honorable Mention, Personal Essay & Memoir: “Five Lessons from a 17-Year-Old Book Author”

Andrew Zhang ’22

Honorable Mention, Poetry: “Quad-Chromatic”

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