Radio Show by Kylie Bill ’21

NA alum Kylie Bill ’21 hosts a radio show on Tuesdays from 9-10am on WVAU, a radio station run by American University students. Watch her show here every week! Below are images of Kylie’s studio and a short interview about her experience.

What’s your show called?

My show is called Sourdough Bread. A while back I took a BuzzFeed quiz to see what type of bread I’d be and I got sourdough. I decided to name my show Sourdough Bread because the music I play just encapsulates my personality and what I’m currently listening to.

What does a day in the studio look like?

I host 1 hour shows every Tuesday from 9-10am. I’m the first show so I have the studio to myself, and I’m responsible for setting up the consoles and speakers. I curate a playlist each week I play on the station through Bluetooth, but besides the weekly routine, WVAU also has events once a month where we invite local artists from DC.

What’s your favorite part about hosting the show?

My favorite part is being able to meet so many cool people. I love being surrounded by others who enjoy sharing art and media they care about. Also, it was nice building connections with not just freshmen, but upperclassmen as well.

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