2022 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards — Regional Winners

Congratulations to the 22 students who won a total of 29 Scholastic Writing Awards and the 8 students who won a total of 17 Scholastic Art Awards! The works of Gold Key winners Natalie Blake ’26, Marina Chernin ’23, Olivia Dai ’26, Kieri Keys ’24, Elliot Kung ’25, Jessie Luo ’22, Rebecca Shan ’23, Yasmeena Sharif ’23, and Ambika Sharma ’24 will be judged at the national level; results will be announced in March. See below for a complete list of winners.

Writing Awards:

Rahul Arora ’23, “Citizenship Paper” (critical essay), Honorable Mention

Siyona Bordia ’25, “Hands” (short story), Honorable Mention; & “Her Backpack” (short story), Honorable Mention

Marina Chernin ’23, “Dollhouse: A One Act Play” (dramatic script), Gold Key; & “From Russia with Love” (personal essay & memoir), Honorable Mention

Dina Drogin ’23, “Reproductive Rights: A Measure of Women’s Citizenship” (critical essay), Silver Key

Navyaa Jain ’23, “Corporate Citizenship: Financing Electoral Inequality” (critical essay), Honorable Mention

Kieri Keys ’24, “Permanent Marker” (poetry), Gold Key; & “Ambidextrous” (poetry), Gold Key

Elliot Kung ’25, “The Truth of Chinese New Year” (personal essay & memoir), Gold Key

Meghan Lai ’24, “Quarantine Quandaries” (dramatic script), Honorable Mention

Skywalker Li ’22, “To Play Jazz” (personal essay & memoir), Silver Key

Jessie Luo ’22, “Fulfillment and its relation to Stomachs” (critical essay), Gold Key

Pranay Maddali ’23, “How Detention Centers Restrict Citizenship” (critical essay), Silver Key

Svanfridur Mura ’24, “Ce” (flash fiction), Honorable Mention; & “Eden Bades Farewell, or an Exodus” (short story), Honorable Mention

Olivia Palker ’24, “Bleeding Hearts” (flash fiction), Silver Key; “Wear Your Sunscreen” (personal essay & memoir), Silver Key; & “The Perfect Person” (personal essay & memoir), Honorable Mention

Neil Pandey ’24, “The Handmaid’s Tale: The Subconscious Language of Gardens and Cigarettes” (critical essay), Silver Key

Ashna Shah ’23, “new age” (poetry), Honorable Mention; & “The Beekeeper” (poetry), Honorable Mention

Rebecca Shan ’23, “The American Alien: A Product of the Chinese Exclusion Period and Its Legacy” (critical essay), Gold Key

Yasmeena Sharif ’23, “Why Black Women Don’t Trust the American Medical System: Disparities in the American Medical System and How They Disproportionately Affect Black Women” (critical essay), Gold Key

Ambika Sharma ’24, “The Tide of Death” (short story), Gold Key

Lauren Siegel ’23, “Environmental Injustice and Inequality in America: A Violation of Citizenship” (critical essay), Silver Key

Lily Sternlieb ’24, “Siblings Sonnet- 4:1-16” (poetry), Silver Key

Andrea Yan ’23, “Chinese Immigration in America: The Racial Principles of Citizenship” (critical essay), Honorable Mention

Brian Yun ’24, “Meditations on Rain” (short story), Honorable Mention

Art Awards:

Rahul Arora ’23, Silver Key

Natalie Blake ’26, Gold Keys (2)

Olivia Dai ’26, Gold Keys (2), Silver Key

Therese Kesler ’22, Honorable Mention

Jessie Luo ’22, Gold Key, Silver Keys (3), Honorable Mention

Kaya Patel ’22, Silver Key, Honorable Mention

Emma Yin ’26, Silver Key, Honorable Mention

Vivian Zhang ’24, Honorable Mention

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